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Pinellas Pharmaceuticals is a sales and marketing company partnered with a few select pharmaceutical manufacturers for sales and distribution of generic pharmaceutical products.

The Pinellas sales team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the multisource arena with over 100 years of extensive, successful sales and marketing experience. Pinellas works with all classes of trade that utilize generic pharmaceutical products. The executive team has learned over the years that strong relationships and knowledge of the industry are the keys to a success in this highly competitive market. Pinellas uses their years of experience and well-connected sales-force to help manufacturers effectively distribute and sell their products profitably.

Pinellas is dedicated to its core business competencies:

  1. Optimizing key business sales and marketing strategies
  2. Building strong long-lasting business relationships
  3. Developing unique lucrative opportunities
  4. Creating growth and profit for the Manufacturer